Computer Navigated Knee Replacement Surgery

Computer navigated surgery is a state-of-the-art surgical technique which increases the accuracy of knee replacement surgery and improves the longevity and functioning of the artificial joint.

Everyone is different and so are their knees! Computer navigated surgery takes into account each patient’s shape and size and allows a surgeon to use, what is essentially a mini GPS system, to register the exact bio-mechanic anatomy of the leg and knee joint to ensure each replacement is as accurate as possible.

Computer navigated surgery maps the position of the bones which make up each patient’s knee joint using sensors which are placed at either side of the knee. These create a detailed image and provide real-time information on a computer screen which helps the surgeon accurately guide the implant into position.

Computer navigated systems, such as OrthoPilot, do not perform the operation! They do not replace the skill and experience of your surgeon, but are an invaluable tool which enhance the outcome of total knee replacement operations.

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